In a relaxed, calm and supportive atmosphere I can introduce those would-be crafters to the wonderful world of crafting. The classes are specifically designed for capacity building and self-discovery, and will help you build confidence and learn what kind of crafting suits you best. I can even incorporate your day into a Craft Day (with other crafters) if you like! The Register My Interest form has a section asking what kind of craft you would like to explore, so I can pre-prepare your day. The cost is $60.00 per hour for 1:1, $30.00 per hour per person for 1:2, and $20:00 per hour per person for 1:3. It may also be necessary for me to charge a “materials fee” for any high-cost materials you require, but there won’t be any surprises: we will arrange everything beforehand. If you feel you might benefit from this activity, just fill out the Register My Interest form and together we can make it happen!

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